Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament



Ages 10 – 12

From left to right: Brandon Campling, Ethan Lukey, Brody Campling, Jack Cotner and Reed Platfoot.

Ages 10 – 12 Chipping Contest Winners: Seth Heggemier, Brandon Campling, Brody Campling, Brycen Hull, Ariel Briermaler and Jack Cotner.
Ages 10 Р12 Putting  Contest Winners: Ariel Briermaler, Ethan Lukey, Seth Heggemier, Tanner Voisard, Calub Hembree and Brycen Hull.

Ages 13 – 14

From left to right: Ethan Maurer, Max Cotner, Aiden Wehrman and Morgan Plieman.

Ages 13 – 14 Chipping Contest Winners: Aiden Wehrman, Max Cotner, AJ Butler, Lucas Langenkamp and Ethan Maurer.

Ages 13 – 14 Putting Contest Winners: Lucas Langenkamp, Ethan Maurer, Aiden Wehrman and Mia Stallard.

Ages 15 – 17

From left to right: Bryce Cobb, Cole Maurer, Nick Fischio and Christopher Elchert.

Ages 15 – 17 Chipping Contest Winners: Jordan Rizzo, Nick Fischio, Breah Kuck, Cole Maurer, Collin Walker and Alex Knouff.
Ages 15 – 17 Putting Contest Winners: Bryce Cobb, Breah Kuck, Nick Fischio, T.J. Esser, Collin Walker and Nathan Stangel.