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2019 Tournament Results


Club Championship

Mens Championship

1st Flight- Zach Yinger

2nd Flight- Keith Pettit

3rd Flight- Ernie Vibbert

4th Flight- Jerry Binkley

Senior Flight- Larry Metz

Ladies Championship

1st Flight- Tina Bulle

2nd Flight- Pris Reir

Overall- Emily Knouff





Membership Scramble

1st  Dave Bell   Deb Goffena  Ken Bosslet  Ed Arkenberg   62

2nd   Dan Swiger  Cindy Ohlsen  Mike Freisthler   Elmer Schlater 63

2nd  Daniel Neer  Nancy Walter  Buck Watren  Bob Reisingeer  63





Big Calcutta    

1st  Barry Godown    Ryan Counts   Bob Thomas 

1st  Jeff Schlater  Dan Neer   Tom Reier

3rd Jim McLain Gabe Griffith Eric Harlamert




Senior Open 2019


Low Gross                                                              Low Net

1st   Barry Godown 71                                       1st   David Langdon 67

         Dan Swiger 71                                         2nd  Mark Cundiff 68

3rd   Randy Schafer 73                                     3rd   Steve Harman 69

65+ Above 

Low Gross                                                               Low Net

1st  Larry Metz 74                                                1st  Bob Thomas  67

2nd  Gary Reed 76                                                       Tom Reier  67

3rd  Tim Adkins 80                                               2nd  Gary Gerkey 69

         Steve Hunsucker  80                                            Chuck Shepherd  69


Area Energy and Electric 2019 Tournament

1st    Barry Godown   69

2nd   Mike New   71

3rd   Jeff Schwartz   74

4th   Tom Myers    75

Travis Dietz   75


2019 Member Guest Tournament

1st.     David Goffena / Ashton Berner

2nd.   Mark Schmitz / Jim Stammen

            Tom Reier / Hugh Roach

4th.     Dave Schemmel / Jim Myers

5th.     Tyler Bergman / Nick Bergman


Men’s Shelby County Open

First Flight

Low Net – Wil Fridley (107.5)

Second Low Net – Dan Neer/Tyler Bergman (109)

Low Gross – Zach Yinger (105)

Second Low Gross – Nate Fridley (109)

Second Flight

Low Net – James Devine (74)

Second Low Net – Bryce Cobb/Sam Long (75)

Low Gross – David Gaylor/Josh Ross (79)

Third Flight

Low Net – Gabe Griffith (67)

Second Low Net – Ernie Vibbert/Ron Tackett (70)

Low Gross – Phil Walter/Kaden Abbott (81)

Ladies’ Shelby County Open

First Flight

Low Net – Melissa Henderson (69)

Low Gross – Emily Knouff (73)

Second Flight

Low Net – LuAnn Fultz (79)

Low Gross – Pris Reier (102)

Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament Winners

10, 11, and 12-year-old Division Winners 

Putting Results: 

1st. Luke Crim

2nd. Jack Cotner

3rd. Cooper Echols 

Chipping Results: 

1st. Luke Crim

Low Gross: 

1st. Jack Cotner

2nd. Luke Crim

Low Net:

1st. Cooper Echols 

13 and 14-year-old Division Winners

Putting Results: 

1st. Reagan Steiner

2nd. Ethan Lukey

3rd. Seth Hegameier

Chipping Results: 

1st. Ethan Lukey

2nd. Gabe Stengel

3rd. Tanner Voisard

Low Gross: 

1st. Ethan Lukey

2nd. Seth Hegameier

Low Net: 

1st. Parker Herrick

2nd. Carter Ingle 

15, 16, 17-year-old Division Winners

Putting Results: 

1st. Carson Barhorst

2nd. Bryce Cobb

3rd. Landon Cobb and Jon Steiner

5th: Jordan Rizzo

Chipping Results:

1st. Cody Selanders, Cole Pitchford, Chris Elchert, Isacc Cisco 

5th. Bryce Cobb

6th. Ethan Funk

Low Gross: 

1st. Cole Maurer

2nd. Bryce Cobb 

Low Net: 

1st. Issac Cisco

2nd: Ethan Funk

2019 Father Son / Mother Daughter Tournament 

1st Peggy and Patrick Cundiff 29.8

2nd Dan Swiger and Adam Baver 30.2

3rd Bryce and Brandon Cobb 30.8

4th John and Alan Demotte 31.0

5th Rob and Wil Fridley 32.0

6th Mark and Kelsey Cundiff 33.0

7th Nick and Dave Miller 33.2


2019 Couples Tourney

1st Tom and Pris Reier  57.4

2nd  David and Deb Goffena 64.5

2nd  Mark and Peggy Cundiff 64.5


Shelby County Scramble

Three-way tie for 1st:

Kevin Free, Tom Reier, Mike Free, Craig Reier (58)

Nate Fridley, Mike Quinn, Ernie Vibbert, Rocky Bower (58)

Justin Burch, Larry Metz, Jim Gooding, Jeff Davis (58)


1st: Ken Bosslet, Gabe Griffith, Zach Yinger – 118

2nd: Mike New, Jeff Mann, Ernie Vibbert – 114

3rd: Brad Goffena, Randy Rose, Phil Walter – 110

2018 Tournaments  

Club Champion Winners

Ladies Overall – Emily Knouff

Men’s 1st Flight – Zach Yinger

Ladies 1st Flight – Tina Bulle

Ladies 2nd Flight – Deb Goffena

Men’s 2nd Flight – Sam Long

Men’s 3rd Flight – Tim Dalton

Men’s 4th Flight – Jeff Helman

Men’s Seniors – Larry Metz

  Membership Scramble

1st  Ed Arkenburg    Ron Tackett   Gabe Griffith   Gary Clough   61

2nd  Mike Freisthler   Matt Henderson   Jeanie Bosslet  Jerry Chasteen   64

3rd   Keith Pettit  Bruce Carnes   Tina Bulle    Mark Cundiff 65

3rd  Scott Fultz   Jeff Helman  Karen Dickman  Ron Inman  65

3 Man Calcutta

1st  Craig Reier  –  Linus Greve  – Zach Yinger   109

2nd Larry Metz  – Kurt  Iiams  – Greg Johnson  106

3rd Mike Krusemark   – Randy Rose  –  Rocky Bower

Senior OpenAges 50-64


1st- Barry Godown (65)

2nd-Dave Westover (71)

3rd-Jeff Westover (72)

3rd- Tim Adkins (72)


1st-Jeff Schlater (64)

2nd- Kurt Iiams (65)

3rd- David Goffena (65)

Ages 65+


1st- Larry Metz (70)

2nd- Gary Reed (76)

3rd- Steve Hunsucker (79)


1st-Randy Rose (67)

2nd- Gary Gerkey (68)

3rd- Ernie Vibbert (69)

Area Energy

Low Gross:

1st- Barry Godown (67)

2nd- Logan Jones (69)

3rd- Larry Metz (70)

4th- Ernie Vibbert (73)

Mike Krusemark (73)

Ron Pearson (73)

Member Guest

Shelby County Open

Championship Flight:

1st place low gross: Zach Yinger – 65, 33 = 98

2nd place low gross: Nate Fridley – 69, 33 = 102

1st place low net: Mike New – 68, 31 =99

2nd place low net: Wil Fridley – 68, 36 = 104

2nd Flight

1st place low gross: Sam Long – 78

1st place low net: Jacob Caldwell – 82

3rd Flight

1st place low gross: Gabe Griffith – 81

2nd place low gross: Ernie Vibbert – 81

1st place low net: Nick Lucas – 81

2nd place low net: Mark Cundiff – 86

Ladies First Flight

1st place low gross: Emily Knouff – 72

1st place low net: Tina Bulle – 81

Ladies Second Flight

1st place low gross: Pris Reier -89

1st place low net: Jeannie Bosslet – 96

3 Man Calcutta

1st: Brady Gaylor, Mason Platfoot, Josh Parker- 124

2nd: Zack Yinger, Bob Reisinger, Eric Harlamert- 122

3rd: Dan Swiger, Larry Metz, Mark Cundiff- 118

Spring Couples Tourney

1st: Scott & Luann Fultz- 55.3

2nd: James & Julie Devine- 63.2

3rd: Jeff & Cindy Helman- 65.4

4th: David & Deb Goffena- 65.5

5th: John & April Reed- 66.5

Shelby County Scramble

1st: Chad New, Josh Platfoot, Chad Platfoot & Mike Taylor – 57

2nd: Mason Jones, Brad Gottemoeller, Shea Swick & Mitchell Puthoff – 59

2nd: Ryan Osysko, Dave Borchers, Craig Bodenmiller & Travis Pulfer – 59

2nd: Brad Goffena, Bryan King, Thomas Goffena & Dave Schemmel – 59

2nd: Kevin Free, Mike Free, Tom Reier & Craig Reier – 59

2nd: Gary Gerkey, Mike New, Jim McLain & Mark Cundiff – 59

2018 Father Son/Mother Daughter Tournaments

1st: Jerry &Aiden Wehrman

2nd: Dan Swiger & Adam Bauer

3rd: Ron & Todd Tackett

4th: Rob & Nate Fridley

5th: John & Alan DeMotte

6th: Dan & Rhylan Platfoot

7th: Josh & Mason Platfoot

8th: Tom & Monk Myers

2017 Tournaments  

Membership Scramble

1st: Mike Freisthler, Barb Rogers, Mike New, Ron Inman- 62

2nd (Tie): Ed Arkenberg, Dave King, Barry Godown, Jeanie Bosslet- 63

2nd (Tie): Jim Cole, Craig Reier, John Wolfinger- 63

1-Man Scramble

1st: Mike New: 59

2nd: Ernie Vibbert: 60.8

Rocky Bower: 60.8

4th: Barry Godown: 61

5th: Gary Reed: 61.2

6th: Bryan Scoggin: 61.4

Member Guest

1st: Jeff Helman and Rudy Kiester

2nd: Mike Krusemark and David Wilson

Tim Sell and Mark Sell

4th: Bill Zimmerman and Bob Zimmerman

Zach Yinger and Brad Yinger

Shelby County Open

Championship Flight

1st: Mike New: 105

Wil Fridley: 105

2nd Flight

1st: Cole Cartwright: 117

2nd: Jim Cain: 118

3rd Flight

1st: Jim Gooding: 126

2nd: Chad Manger: 128

Ladies Championship

1st: Emily Knouff: 72

2nd: Tina Bulle: 86

Ladies 2nd Flight

1st: Pris Reier: 100

2nd: Deb Goffena: 103

Club Championship Match Play

Championship Flight

Champion: Barry Godown

Runner up: Mike Krusemark

2nd Flight

Champion: Jason Varney

Runner up: Pat Kindelin

3rd Flight

Champion: Ed Green

Runner up: Gary Clough

4th Flight

Champion: Drew Schmitz

Runner up: Jerry Binkley

Senior Flight

Champion: Larry Metz

Runner up: Ed Green

Ladies First Flight

Champion: Tina Bulle

Runner up: Melissa Henderson

Ladies Second Flight

Champion: Luanne Fultz

Runner up: Denise Welker

Ladies Overall

Champion: Emily Knouff

Area Energy Golf Outing

First: Joe Detty -3

Second: Brandon Cobb -2

Third: Barry Godown & Frank Cardo -1

Fifth: Mike New 0

Senior Shelby County Open

50-64 age group

1st Gross: Randy Schafer: 71

Dan Swiger: 71

3rd Gross: Steve Beaty: 75

4th Gross: Dave Westover: 76

1st Net: Jeff Schlater: 65

2nd Net: Craig Reier: 67

3rd Net: Gary Clough: 70

Sam Long: 70

Frank Cardo: 70

65 and above

1st Gross: Larry Metz: 74

2nd Gross: Ernie Vibbert: 79

1st Net: Dave Schemmel: 60

2nd Net: Ron Tackett: 64

Father Son/Mother Daughter Family Tournament

1st: Jason Platfoot and Trent Platfoot: 30

2nd: Brad Esser and TJ Esser: 32

3rd: Sue Fridley and Nate Fridley: 32.9

Nick Miller and Dave Miller: 32.9

5th: Rob Fridley and Wil Fridley: 33

6th: Josh Platfoot and Mason Platfoot: 33.8

7th: Dan Swiger and Adam Bauer: 34

Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament

10,11,12 age group

1st: Aiden Wehrman: 37

2nd: Max Cotner: 45

13,14 age group

1st: Carson Regula: 38

2nd: Ryan Sailor: 41

15,16,17 age group

1st: Nick Fischio: 76

2nd: Eli Kuck: 78

Shelby County Scramble

1st: Craig Bodenmiller, Ryan Osysko, Lance Woolley, Travis Pulfer: 58

Nate Fridley, Bob Curlis, Ross Pulfer, Rocky Bower: 58

2nd: Mike Krusemark, Craig Ambos, Jim Mclain, Mark Cundiff: 59

Chad New, Josh Platfoot, Chad Platfoot, Mike Wise: 59

Will Fridley, Mike Quinn, Ed Green, Dave King: 59

3 Man Calcutta

1st: Chad New, Dan Swiger, Ken Bosslet: 118

2nd: Barry Godown, Linus Greve, Drew  Schmitz: 116

3rd: Sam Long, Tom Reier, Gary Gerkey: 113

2016 Tournaments

Club Championship

First Flight Mens

1st: Mike New    Runner-up: Barry Godown

Second Flight Mens

1st: Dan Swiger    Runner-up: Dave Ewing

Third Flight Mens

1st: Steve Stantz    Runner-up: Tom Reier

Fourth Flight

1st: Dave Miahlick    Runner-up: Bill Wendel

Senior Flight

1st: Larry Metz    Runner-up: Bill Wendel

First Flight Ladies

1st: Emily Knouff    Runner-up: Karen Dickman

Second Flight Ladies

1st: Ellen Joslin    Runner-up: Pris Reier

Membership Scramble

1st Place: Joel Emrick, Mark Hughes, Ellen Joslin, Bob Barid – 64

2nd Place: Nick Miller, Barb Rodgers, Jim Cole, David Mihalick – 66

Fall Couples Tourney Sunday Sept. 4

1st Place : Mike & Connie Quinn  61.2

2nd Place : Phil & Nancy Walter  61.25

3rd Place : Scott & LuAnn Fultz  62

Shelby County Senior Open


Low Gross:

  1. Jeff Westover: 72
  2. Mark Sanvido: 74

Low Net:

  1. Steve Huelskamp: 65
  2. Tom Reier: 66

65 and above

Low Gross:

  1. Larry Metz: 75
  2. Gary Reed: 77

Low Net:

  1. Joel Emrick: 64
  2. Gary Gerky, Steve Shatto: 68

Tournament Result- Area Energy

Low Gross

  1. Luke Kindelin: 69
  2. Barry Godown: 72
  3. Curt Wisecup, Randy Schaffer, Tim Adkins: 73

Low Net

  1. Denny Greve: 83 – Handicap 22 = 61
  2. Steve Henderson: 80 – Handicap 18 = 62

2016 Member Guest

1st: Craig Reier and Bubba Reier

2nd: Tom Reier and Duston Mullin

3rd: Bill Zimmerman and Bob Zimmerman

4th: Wil Fridley and Blake Kearney

5th: Brad Hohenstein and Bob Geyer

2016 Shelby County Open

First Flight:

Low Gross Champion: Barry Godown – Oaks: 71 Moose: 72

Low Net Champion: Tyler Bergman – Oaks: 67 Moose: 73

2nd Low Gross: Nate Fridley – Oaks: 77 Moose: 73

2nd Low Net: Steve Beaty – Oaks: 73 Moose: 69

Second Flight:

Low Gross Champion: Mark Sanvido Oaks: 76 Moose: 76

Low Net Champion: Josh Platfoot Oaks: 62 Moose: 74

2nd Low Gross: Mason Jones Oaks: 77 Moose: 82

2nd Low Net: Eli Kuck Oaks: 70 Moose 73

Third Flight:

Low Gross Champion: Nick Fischio Oaks: 82 Moose: 84

Low Net Champion: Steve Shatto Oaks: 68 Moose: 70

2nd Low Gross: Tom Reier Oaks: 84 Moose: 88

2nd Low Net: David Langdon Oaks: 72 Moose: 74

Ladies First Flight:

Low Gross Champion: Emily Knouff Oaks: 70

Low Net Champions: Ellen Joslin and Melissa Henderson Oaks: 70

2nd Low Gross: Karen Dickman Oaks: 89

Ladies Second Flight:

Low Gross Champion: Rashel Reier Oaks: 98

Low Net Champion: Denise Welker Oaks: 76

2nd Low Gross: Pris Reier Oaks: 102

2nd Low Net: Joanie Metz Oaks: 77

Bob Fridley Tournament

Ages 15 – 17:

1st Low Gross: Mason Jones 78

1st Low Net: Coltin Rose

2nd Low Gross: Nick Fischio 79

2nd Low Net: Brad Gottemoeller

Ages 13-14:

1st Low Gross: Bryce Cobb: 96

1st Low Net: Jordan Rizzo: 78

Ages 10-12:

Tied First Low Gross: Aiden Wehrman and Max Cotner: 49

First Low Net: Landon Howell: 32

Second Low Net: Lane Howell: 34

2016 Family Tourney

1st  Tom and Jim Myers 31.4

2nd Mark and Kelsey Cundiff 31.6

3rd Scott and Ross Pulfer 33

4th Chad and Conley New 33.8

5th Jerry and Aiden Wehrman 34

6th Rob and Nate Fridley 34

7th John and Alan Demotte 34.2

7th Randy and Andy Boyd 34.2

9th Dave Schemmel and Thomas Goffena 35

10th Dan Swiger and Adam Bauer 35.2

2016 Shelby County Scramble

1st Nate Fridley, Tyler Bergman, Ross Pulfer, Rocky Bower

2nd Barry Godown, John DeMotte, Keith Pettit, Jerry Binkley

3rd Chad New, Chad Platfoot, Josh Platfoot, Jim Mackeller

3rd David Goffena, Jim Heckler, Barry Eilert, Tim Sell

2016 3 Man Calcutta

1st Josh Ross, Gary Clough and Craig Reier

1st Barry Godown, Brian Scoggin and Rocky Bower

3rd Dave Ewing, Steve Hunsucker and Dave Mihalick

4th David Goffena, Jim McLain and Greg Johnson

5th Mike New, Ron Tackett and Buck Watren

5th Brian Hewitt, Mark Schmitz and Gary Gerky

2016 Couples Spring Tournament

1st  David & Deb Goffena

2nd  Ken & Jeanie Bosslet

3rd Mike & Janet Freisthler


1st: Tim Dalton, Ron Inman, Mike Goubeaux, Karen Dickman – 63
2nd: Bob Thomas, Joanie Metz, Gabe Griffith, Ed Johnson – 65
3rd: Tim Adkins, Ellen Joslin, Nick Miller, Bob Baird – 66
3rd: Craig Reier, Nancy Walter, Steve Shatto, Dick Lenz – 66

Club Championship

1st: Randy Schafer Runner Up: John Copella
2nd: James Devine Runner Up: Josh Ross
3rd: Mark Cundiff Runner Up: Steve Shatto
4th: Greg Johnson Runner Up: Ken Bosslet


1st: Ed Green Runner Up: Larry Metz


1st: Emily Knouff Runner Up: Tina Bulle
2nd: Ellen Joslin Runner Up: Pris Reier

2015 1 man scramble

1st Buck Watren—–56
2nd Gabe Griffith—57.6
3rd Walt Bennett—-58.5
4th Josh Ross——–58.6
5th Justin Burch——59.2
6th Matt Henderson–60
7th Gary Gerkey——-60.4
8th Mike Krusemark—60.6
2015 Results
Fall Couples Tournament
1st: David & Deb Goffena
2nd: Steve & Wendy Shatto
3rd: Tom & Pris Reier
4th: Craig & Rashell Reier
5th: Kevin & Kathy Coppella
6th: James & Julie Devine
7th: Matt & Melissa Henderson
8th: Mike & Janet Freisthler
9th: John & April Reed

2015 Member Guest

1st: Wil Fridley / Craig Stammen
2nd: David Goffena / Marcus Goffena
3rd: Greg Elsass / Pat Elsass
4th: Dave King / Joe Harrmann
5th: Mike Krusemark / Dave Wilson
6: Mark Schmitz / Mark Schlater

2015 Area Energy

1st: Luke Kindelin
2nd: Mark Dunham
3rd: Lyle Sanvido
4th: Justin Burch
2015 Senior Shelby County Open

1st Low Gross: Randy Schafer (74)
2nd Low Gross: Jeff Schlater (75)
1st Low Net:Phil Schulze (67)
2nd Low Net: Dave Westover (68)

65+ Above

1st Low Gross: Larry Metz (75)
2nd Low Gross: Ernie Vibbert (80)
1st Low Net: Bob Thomas (64)
2nd Low Net: Ron Tackett (68)
2015 Bob Fridley Jr Golf Tournament

10-11-12 Year Old Boy Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Bryce Cobb – 43
2nd: Landon Cobb – 65
Low Net:
1st: Conley New – 35
2nd: Max Cotner – 35

13-14 Year Old Boy Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Bart Bixler – 90
2nd: Christopher Elchert – 94
Low Net:
1st: Isaac Rindler – 70
2nd: Trent Platfoot – 71
Chipping Contest:
1st: Christopher Elchert, Trent Platfoot
2nd:Hayden Billing
Putting Contest:
1st: Bart Bixler
2nd:Trent Platfoot

15-16-17 Old Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Emily Knouff – 74
2nd: Zach Watren – 75
Low Net:
1st: Troy Rindler – 61
2nd: Mason Platfoot – 67
Chipping Contest:
1st: Ryan Smeleweski
2nd: Emily Knouff
Putting Contest:
1st: Ross Pulfer
2nd: Jacob Caldwell, Colton Rose
2015 Shelby County Open

Championship Flight
1 Low Gross: Luke Kindelin 72 – 70 = 142
2. Low Gross: Nate Fridley 74 – 70 = 144
1. Low Net: John Copella – 142
2. Low Net: Wil Fridley – 145

2nd Flight
1. Low Gross: Dave Ewing 78 – 80 = 158
2. Low Gross (t): Tyler Bergman 84 – 75 = 159
2. Low Gross (t): Mark Sanvido 76 – 83 = 159
1. Low Net (t): Mark Sanvido -143
1. Low Net (t): Tyler Bergman – 143
2. Low Net: Max Cartwright – 147

3rd Flight
1. Low Gross: Nick Overbey 79- 82 = 161
2. Low Gross: Bob Curlis 83 – 88 = 171
1. Low Net: Jamie Westfall – 146
2. Low Net: David Langdon – 149

4th Flight
1. Low Gross: Dave Gross 82 – 83 = 165
2. Low Gross: Steve Shatto 84 – 90 = 174
1. Low Net: Buck Watren – 139
2. Low Net: Mason Platfoot – 148

Ladies 1st Flight
1. Low Gross: Emily Knouff 36 – 39 = 75
2. Low Gross: Ashley Ordean 40 – 52 = 92
1: Low Net: Karen Dickman – 80
2: Low Net: Karen Goffena – 82

Ladies 2nd Flight
1. Low Gross: Deb Goffena 55 – 52 = 107
2. Low Gross: Pris Reier 55 – 54 = 109
1. Low Net (t): Luann Fultz – 74
1. Low Net (t): Denise Welker – 74



1st (57)
Keith Pettit
Chuck Shepherd
Tom Myers
Josh Ross

2nd (59)
Wil Fridley
Elmer Schlater
Mike Quinn
Dave King

3rd (60)
Tyler Bergman
Nate Fridley
Ross Pulfer
Rocky Bower
Triple Play

Sam Long & Bob Thomas
Tied for 2nd OVERALL
Larry Metz & Gary Gerkey
Max Cartwright & John Stivers

Max Cartwright & John Stivers
Larry Metz & Gary Gerkey
Larry Metz & Gary Gerkey
Phil Walter & Mark Cundiff
Justin Burch & Tom Reier
Sam Long & Bob Thomas
Spring Couples Tournament 2015

First Place: David/Deb Goffena
Second Place: Tom/Priss Reier

27 Hole Shootout

GROSS-Larry Metz
NET-Larry Metz
GROSS-Justin Richardson
NET-Brian Hewitt/ Mike Krusemark

GROSS-Same Long
NET-Jim McLain
GROSS-David Goffena
NET-Max Cartwright

12 & ABOVE
GROSS-Ron Tackett
NET-Steve Shatto
GROSS-Ernie Vibbert
NET-Rom Reier

Couples Fall Tourney

1st Place Steve and Mary Ann Huelskamp
2nd Place Craig and Rashel Reier
1 Man Scramble

1st Place Josh Ross
2nd Place David Goffena
3rd Place Thomas Goffena
2014 Membership Scramble

1st Place : Richard Herrick, Tom Hildebrand, Sandy Weaver, Mike New
1st place: Joel Emrick, Pris Reier, John Stiver, John Nowlin
3rd Place: Daniel Eustache, Elmer Schlater, Paul Bremke, Luann Fultz
3rd Place: Dennis Weaver, Susie Watren, Mike Freisthler, Keith Pettit
3rd Place: Rayner Masur, Phil Jones, Joyce Wick, Tom Reier
2014 Member/Guest

1st Place – Mark Schmitz/Mark Schlater
2nd Place – Ernie Vibbert/Brad Berlekamp
3rd Place – Craig Reier/Bubba Reier
4th Place – Dave King/Joe Harrmann; Jerry Stammen/Jim Stammen; Brian Scoggin/Dave McGowan

2014 Club Champions

1st Flight- Nate Fridley
2nd Flight- Sam Long
3rd Flight- Ron Tackett
4th Flight- Mike Freisthler
Senior Flight- Larry Metz
Ladies 1st Flight- Emily Knouff
Ladies 2nd Flight- Jeanie Bosslet

Area Energy and Electric

1st Place: Luke Kindelin – 68
Tie 2nd Place: Barry Godown & Brad Goffena – 69
2014 Senior Shelby County Open

1st Low Gross: Mark Sanvido (39-35=74)
Randy Schaffer (36-38=74)
1st Low Net: Brad Hohenstein (67)
2nd Low Net: Jeff Westover (71)

65+ Above

1st Low Gross: Larry Metz (39-36=75)
2nd Low Gross: Gary Reed (41-37=78)
1st Low Net: Ron Tackett (68)
Steve Shatto (68)
Gary Gerkey (68)

2014 Shelby County Ladies Open

1st Flight

1st Low Gross: Emily Knouff (40-35=75)
2nd Low Gross: Karen Dickman (44-44=88)
1st Low Net: Tina Bulle (41-41=82-16=66)
2nd Low Net: Cindy Helman (92-22=70)
2nd Flight

1st Low Gross: Rashel Reier (41-50=91)
2nd Low Gross: Jeanie Bosslet (45-53=98)
1st Low Net: Joyce Jones (102-28=74)
2nd Low Net: Pris Reier (51-51=102-26=76)
2014 Shelby County Open

Championship Flight
1 Low Gross: Nate Fridley
2. Low Gross: Luke Kindelin
1. Low Net: Jeff Westover
2. Low Net: Hugh Roach

2nd Flight
1. Low Gross: Chad New
2. Low Gross: Mark Sanvido
1. Low Net: Phil Schulze
2. Low Net (t): Scott Pulfer
2. Low Net (t): Ed Green

3rd Flight
1. Low Gross: Ernie Vibbert
2. Low Gross: Ric Abbott
1. Low Net: Ron Tackett
2. Low Net: Keith Drinnen

4th Flight
1. Low Gross: Jerry Binkley
2. Low Gross: Zach Jones
1. Low Net: Buck Watren

Father/Son Mother/Daughter Golf Outing 2014

1st: Nick and Dave Miller
2nd: Craig and Eli Kuck
3rd: Mark and Kelsey Cundiff
4th: Marcia and Chuck Shaffer
5th: Sue and Wil Fridley
5th: John and Allan DeMotte
5th: Randy and Andy Boyd
8th: Chip and Ashley Ordean
8th: Mark and Daniel Eustache
10th: Tom and James Myers

Shelby County Scramble 2014

Tie 1st (59)
Justin Burch
Derick Bunke
Mike Wildermuth
Elmer Schlater

Mike New
Chad New
Chad Platfoot
Mike Thurman

Tie 3rd (60)
Barry Godown
Dave Ewing
Sam Long
Bruce Carnes

Luke Kindelin
Jim McLain
Ernie Vibbert
Mark Cundiff

James Devine
Craig Halberstadt
Lance Wooley
Jim Cain
Spring Couples Tournament 2014

First Place: James Devine/ Julie Koss
Second Place: Rich/ Connie West

2014 Shootout Results

May 3, 2014

0-7 Flight 8-11 Flight 12 and Abobe Flight
South Gross Barry Godown/ Justin Burch Sam Long Keith Pettit
South Net Justin Burch Sam Long Keith Pettit
North Gross Jason Wendel James Devine Mark Cundiff
North Net Jason Wendel Bob Thomas Buck Watren
West Gross Mike New James Devine Keith Pettit
West Net Lary Metz Bob Thomas Mark Cundiff

1st Gross Mike New James Devine Mark Cundiff
1st Net Justin Burch Bob Thomas Buck Watren

Membership Scramble


One Man Scramble

Overall Winners
1st Overall Ernie Vibbert (Net 60.5)
2nd Overall John Stiver (Net 60.8)
3rd Overall Justin Burch (Net 61.3)
4th Overall Buck Watren (Net 62.8)
5th Overall Gary Gerkey (Net 63.3)

Skins Game Winner: Mike Freisthler (made a birdie “2” on hole 8 South)

Front Nine Winners
1st Sam Long (Net 30)
2nd Justin Burch (Net 30.15)

Back Nine Winners
1st Buck Watren (Net 28.9)
2nd Ernie Vibbert (Net 30.25)

Fall Couples Tournament

1st Connie and Rich West
2nd Karen and Bruce Dickman


Overall Results Teams
1st Place Steve Woodruff and Jim Heckler
2nd Place Gary Gerkey and Thom Peters
3rd Place Phil Walters and Dan Trevisan
4th Place Josh Ross and Jude Deloye

Member Guest 9 Hole Games Results Teams
1st Place Best Ball Kurt Iiams and Rick Berger
1st Place Alternate Shot Pat Elsass and Greg Elsass
1st Place Calcutta Josh Ross and Jude Deloye
1st Place Scramble Bob Thomas and Dan Swiger; Steve Woodruff and Jim Heckler

Area Energy Tournament

Low Gross Low Net
1st Mike New (-2) Larry Pullin (Net -11), Larry Rogers (Net -11), and Craig Bergman (Net -11)
2nd Mike Krusemark (+1) and Hugh Roach (+1)
Senior Open
50-64 years Senior Open
Low Gross Low Net
1st Dave Goffena, 73 Jim McLain, 70
2nd Randy Schafer, 75 Jeff Westover/David Hollenbacher, 71
3rd J.R. Richardson/Mark Sanvido, 79

65 + Above Senior Open
Low Gross Low Net
1st Larry Metz, 68 Elmer Schlater, 63
2nd Gary Reed, 76 Bob Thomas, 68
3rd Chuck Shepherd, 81 Chet Sosby/Clint Jones, 70

2013 Shelby Open

Championship Flight
Low Gross Champion – Luke Kindelin
Low Net Champion – Corey Teague
2nd Gross – Nate Fridley
2nd Net – Larry Metz
3rd Low Gross – Brad Goffena and Hugh Roach
3rd Low Net – Kevin Free

Second Flight
Low Gross Champion – Brian Hewitt
Low Net Champion – Sam Long
2nd Low Gross – Mark Sanvido
2nd Low Net – Phil Schulze & Tyler Bergman
3rd Low Gross – Nathan Davis

Third Flight
Low Gross Champion -Zack Watren
Low Net Champion – Steve Shatto
2nd Low Gross – Tom Reier
2nd Low Net – Jerry Binkley
3rd Low Gross – Ron Tackett – Richard West
3rd Low Net – Brian Scoggin

Ladies Flight
1ST Aehley Ordean
2ND Melissa Henderson

On Monday July 15th Shelby Oaks held the annual Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament. The tournament consisted of over 30 junior golfers from all parts of the county.

The Following were winners of the day:
15-16-17 year old Age Group

Putting Contest
Alex Britton 30 Points
Brady Wildermuth 14 Points
Emily Knouff 6 Points
Chipping Contest
Ashley Ordean 40 Points
Alex Britton 30 Points
Brandon Ware 28 Points
Emily Knouff 28 Points

18 Hole Tournament Girls and Boys from the Men’s White Tees:
Alex Britton of New Breman won the low gross of the tournament with 36 and 41 for a 18 hole score of 77. Alex will be a junior at New Breman High school in the fall. Second low gross was Emily Knouff with an 85. Emily will be entering her freshman year at Fort Loramie, she will be playing on the girls golf team as well. In the Low net, Tyler Rogers had a net of 68 taking first place in the handicap division. Levi Schmitmeyer of Jackson Center took second with a net 69.
13-14 year old Age Group

Putting Contest
Tyler Lachey 14 Points
Bryce Sosby 12 Points
Brandon Barhorst 8 Points
Chipping Contest
Bryce Sosby 30 Points
Mason Platfoot 30 Points
Zach Watren 26 Points

18 Hole Tournament from the Gold Tees:
Zach Watren, who is entering his freshman year at Anna, won the Gross division with a 89. Zach shot rounds of 44 and 45. Second was Bryce Sosby of Jackson Center with a score of 90. Bryce shot 45,45. In the Net division Troy Rindler of Anna won with a net of 65 and tied for second was Craig Eilerman of Fort Loramie and Ryan Goettemoeller of Sidney, each with a net score of 72.

10-11-12 year old Age Group

Putting Contest
Simon Viglienti 12 Points
Charlie Hale 10 Points
Ethan Potts 10 Points
Issac Rindler 8 Points
Chipping Contest
Alex Knouff 22 Points
Ethan Potts 16 Points
Issac Rindler 8 Points

9 Hole Tournament from the Red Tees:
Charlie Hale of Sidney won the youngest division with a 48. Second was Simon Viglienti of Troy with a 55. Isaac Rindler of Anna won the net division with a net 28 and Ethan Potts of Sidney earned second with a net 31.

Father-Mother/Son-Daughter Golf Outing

1st Place Team
David & Kevin McGowan – 32.7
2nd Place Team
Steve & Mike Omlor – 32.75
3rd Place Team
Rob & Wil Fridley – 33
4th Place Team
Rick & Bryan Scherer – 33.4
5th Place Team
Brandon & Bryce Cobb – 33.7
6th Place Team (tie)
Fred Smith & Rashel Reier – 34
6th Place Team (tie)
Dave & Nick Miller – 34
8th Place Team
Mark & Kelsey Cundiff – 34.2
9th Place Team
Steve & Cole Cartwright – 34.5
10th Place Team
John & Alan DeMotte – 35.2
Shelby County Scramble

1st Front Nine
Nate Fridley, Zach Watren, Eric Ambos, and Rocky Bower
2nd Front Nine
Larry Metz, Bob Thomas, Phil Schulze, and Gary Gerkeye
1st Back Nine
Luke Kindelin, Jim Mclain, Mark Cundiff, and Ernie Vibbert
2nd Back Nine
Jeff Hewitt, Hugh Roach, Brian Hewitt, and Chuck Hewitt
1st Overall
Luke Kindelin, Jim Mclain, Mark Cundiff, and Ernie Vibbert
2nd Overall
Nate Fridley, Zach Watren, Eric Ambos, and Rocky Bower
Jeff Hewitt, Hugh Roach, Brian Hewitt, and Chuck Hewitt

Triple Play


27 Hole Shootout

12 & ABOVE

2012 Results

Club Champions

Member Guest – Overall

1st- Bruce Dickman/ Andy Dunham
2nd- Craig Ambos/ Greg Elsass
3rd- Mike Krusemark/ Dave Barhorst
4th- Josh Ross/ Jude Deloye

Shelby County Senior Open
Shelby Oaks Golf Club hosted the Shelby County Senior Open on Saturday, August 11. There were approximately 40 seniors who participated in the event. The tournament included two flights, the 50 to 64 year old flight and the 65 year old and above flight. Jeff Schlater captured the low gross title in the 50-64 flight by shooting a round of 74. The low net honors in the 50-64 flight went to Jim Weaver with a score of 70. In the 65 and above flight, Paul Borders fired a one under par round of 71 to take the low gross title. Bill Wendel and Phil Brenner shared low net honors with scores of 66. The results of the event are as follows:

50-64 Year Old Flight:
Low Gross:
1st Place: Jeff Schlater – 37-37=74
2nd Place: Randy Schafer – 39-36=75
3rd Place: Frank Cardo – 42-37=79
Low Net:
1st Place: Jim Weaver – 70
2nd Place (tie): Kurt Iiams – 71
2nd Place (tie): Tom Reier – 71

65 & Above Flight:
Low Gross:
1st Place: Paul Borders – 35-36=71
2nd Place: Larry Metz – 38-34=72
3rd Place: Gary Reed – 38-35=73
Low Net:
1st Place (tie): Phil Brenner – 66
1st Place (tie): Bill Wendel – 66
3rd Place: Gary Gerkey – 68

Shelby County Open

First Flight:
Low Gross Champion – Zack Yinger (70 – 64 = 134)
Low Net Champion – Mark Dunham (70 – 69 = 139)
3rd Low Gross Champion – Nate Fridley (74 – 68 = 142)
Second Flight:
Low Net Champion – Ed Green (71 – 68 = 139)
2nd Low Gross Champion – Ward Cartwright (79 – 80 = 159)
3rd Low Gross Champion (tie) – Max Pulfer, Sam Long & Tyler Bergman (85 – 75 = 160)
Third Flight:
Low Gross Champion – Connor Bornhorst (79 – 82 = 161)
Low Net Champion – Anthony Gillem (64 – 72 = 136)
2nd Low Gross Champion – Ernie Vibbert (85 – 80 = 165)
2nd Low Net Champion – Craig Reier (71 – 70 = 141)
Fourth Flight:
Low Gross Champion – Ron Cooper (88 – 90 = 178)
Low Net Champion – Jerry Binkley (76 – 67 = 143)
Shelby County Ladies Open

First Flight:
Low Gross Champion- Brooke Albers (37-40 = 77)
Second Flight:
Low Gross Champion- Melissa Henderson ( =95)

Area Energy and Electric Tournament

Low Gross:
1st place overall (tie) – Kevin Free (-5) & Barry Godown (-5)
3rd place (tie) – Hugh Roach (-4) & Jason Wendel (-4)
5th place – Mike New (-2)
Low Net:
1st place – Rick Leonard (-13)
2nd place – Scott Haynes (-11)
3rd place – Jerry Brooks (-8)
4th place (tie) – Bob Cotner (-6) & Mike Brecount (-6)
Other scores:
Luke Kindelin (-1)
Elmer Schlater (+1)
Paul Borders (+1)
Jerry Wehrman (+1)
Dave Snow (+1)
Justin Richardson (+1)
Randy Schafer (+1)

Bob Fridley Junior Tournament

The Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament was held at Shelby Oaks Golf Club on Monday, July 16. There were a record number of participants with 41 junior golfers turning out. Special thanks to our volunteers Barb Rogers, Joyce Jones, Larry Billing, Elmer Schlater, Dave Schemmel, Larry Schoffner, Joe Clayton, and Bob Card.

Girls Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Emily Knouff – 85
2nd: Brooke Wehrkamp – 89
Low Net:
1st: Elizabeth White – 66
2nd: Ashley Ordean – 81
Chipping Contest:
1st: Brooke Wehrkamp
2nd: Elizabeth White
Putting Contest
1st: Ashley Ordean
2nd: Emily Knouff

10-11-12 Year Old Boy Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Jared Hernandez – 41
2nd: Bryce Sosby – 47
Low Net:
1st: Tyler Lachey – 29
2nd: Isaac Rindler – 35
Chipping Contest:
1st: Bryce Sosby
2nd: Jared Hernandez
Putting Contest:
1st: Ryan Schmidt
2nd: Isaac Rindler

13-14 Year Old Boy Results:
Low Gross:
1st: Joshah Rager – 80
2nd: Zach Watren – 87
Low Net:
1st: Craig Eilerman – 66
2nd: Dan Eustache – 68
Chipping Contest:
1st: Joshah Rager
2nd: Brad Axe (tie)
Shea Swick (tie)
Troy Rindler (tie)
Putting Contest:
1st: Kyle Ingle
2nd: Zach Watren
3rd: Ryan Smelewski

15-16-17 Old Boy Results:
Low Gross:
1st: John Copella – 78 (Overall Bob Fridley Junior Golf Tournament Champion)
2nd: Connor Bornhorst – 81
Low Net:
1st: Zach Zimpfer – 69
2nd: Trey Elchert – 70
Chipping Contest:
1st: Brandon Hernandez
2nd: Connor Bornhorst
3rd: Ryan Lessing (tie)
Zach Zimpfer
Putting Contest:
1st: John Copella
2nd: Alex Britton
3rd: Austin Liess (tie)
Kenton Kiser (tie)

Father-Son-Mother-Daughter Tournament

Shelby Oaks Golf Club hosted the annual Father-Son-Mother-Daughter Tournament on the West golf course on Sunday, July 15. There were 51 people who participated in the event. The low net results are as follows:

First Place: Randy Schafer and Kelly Rindler – 29.6
Second Place: David and Kevin McGowan – 31.4
Third Place: Kathy and John Copella – 31.5
Fourth Place (tie): Scott and Deion Booher – 31.55
Fourth Place (tie): Pat and Emily Knouff – 31.55
Sixth Place: Rashel Reier and Josh Ross – 32.2
Seventh Place (tie): Rob and Nate Fridley – 33
Seventh Place (tie): Rob and Wil Fridley – 33
Ninth Place: Ron Brizzi and Andrea Brewer – 33.5
Tenth Place: John and Alan Demotte – 34

There were also a number of prizes awarded at the conclusion of the tournament. The winners of these awards included:

Closest to the Pin – #1 West: James DeVine
Longest Putt – #1 West: Emily Knouff
Longest Putt – #2 West: Ron Brizzi
Longest Putt – #3 West: Marcus Goffena
Longest Putt – #4 West: Ron Brizzi
Longest Putt – #5 West: Deion Booher
Longest Putt – #6 West: Bryce Cobb
Closest to the Pin – #7 West: Dave Miller
Longest Putt – #7 West: Kelly Rindler
Longest Putt – #8 West: Pat Knouff
Longest Putt – #9 West: Gordon Buchler
27 Hole Shootout

Shelby Oaks hosted the annual 27 Hole Shootout on all three courses of the golf course. The overall low gross winner for the Championship Flight was Barry Godown with a 103, followed by Hugh Roach with a 105. The low net winner was Larry Metz with a 102 followed by Mike Krusemark with a 109.5

Championship Flight:
South Low Gross: Barry Godown – 34
North Low Gross: Hugh Roach – 32
West Low Gross: Barry Godown and Hugh Roach – 35

South Low Net: Barry Godown and Larry Metz – 34
North Low Net: Hugh Roach – 32
West Low Net: Mike Krusemark – 32.5

The overall low gross winner for the Second Flight was Justin Burch with 120, followed by Sam Long with a 122. The overall low net winner was Phil Schulze with a 107.5 followed by Ed Green with a 108.5.

Second Flight:
South Low Gross: Justin Burch – 39
North Low Gross: Ed Green and Sam Long – 38
West Low Gross: Phil Schulze – 38

South Low Net: Justin Burch – 34.5
North Low Net: Ed Green – 33.5
West Low Net: Phil Schulze – 33.5

The overall low gross winner for the Third Flight was Mike Free with a 122 followed by Linus Greve and Phil Walter with a 130.5. The overall low next winner was Ron Tackett with a 102 followed by Rainer Masur with a 104.

Third Flight:
South Low Gross: Mike Free – 38
North Low Gross: Ron Tackett – 41
West Low Gross: Rocky Bower – 37

South Low Net: Mike Free – 32
North Low Net: Ron Tackett – 34
West Low Net: Rocky Bower – 28.5

Couples Tournament

1st Place: Jeff and Cindy Helman – 50.4 Net Score
2nd Place: Jim and Suzy Watren – 54.1 Net Score
3rd Place: Nick Miller and Joyce Jones – 59.0 Net Score
4th Place: David and Deb Goffena – 59.4 Net Score

Triple Play

Overall – First Place: Gary Gerkey and Brad Hohenstein
Overall – Second Place: Sam Long and Terry Bayliss
Overall – Third Place: Wil Fridley and Rocky Bower

Calcutta – First Place: Sam Long and Terry Bayliss – 27.3
Calcutta – Second Place: Brandyn Heitman and Buck Watren – 26.3
Calcutta – Third Place: Mike Krusemark and Craig Reier – 26.0

Alternate Shot – First Place: Phil Schulze and Ric Abbott – 17.7
Alternate Shot – Second Place: Mike Krusemark and Craig Reier – 18.0
Alternate Shot – Third Place: Bob Thomas and Marcus Goffena – 19.0

Scramble – First Place (tie): Gary Gerkey and Brad Hohenstein – 23
Scramble – First Place (tie): Bob Thomas and Marcus Goffena – 23
Scramble – First Place (tie): Wil Fridley and Rocky Bower – 23

Shelby County Scramble

The Shelby County Scramble was held at Shelby Oaks on Sunday, June 17. There was a total of 15 teams who competed in the event.

1st Place Team (tie): Nate Fridley, Eric Ambos, Emily Knouff, Rocky Bower – 58
1st Place Team (tie): Hugh Roach, Jeff Hewitt, Brian Hewitt, Chuck Hewitt – 58
3rd Place Team (tie): Brad Goffena, Thomas Goffena, Tom Goffena, Mike Goffena – 60
3rd Place Team (tie): Larry Metz, Phil Schulze, Bob Thomas, Mark Cundiff – 60